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Who We Are

Our History

Marquee Brewing is created from the demented mind of Cory Clark. After 32 years away, Cory has returned to Portville bringing all his creative knowledge, experiences, and passion with him to create Marquee Brewing.

While living in Seattle in 2012, Cory started making fresh sodas under the brand name Soda Jerk and selling them throughout the city at festivals, farmer's markets, private events, and bars.

Between working events every weekend, Cory taught himself how to brew and turn his customer's favorite non-alcoholic sodas into tasty adult beverages. This is how Marquee Brewing was born.

More About Us

The addition of his wife Tara, with her creativity, event planning, and organizational skills, makes them the perfect team to bring this concept to life.

Tara’s skill at bringing the fun, and Cory’s ability to create brand-new flavor combinations, will turn Marquee into your new favorite hangout. Join us at Marquee Brewing for a taste of something completely different!

Marquee Brewing is a bold step into the adult beverage business, a natural progression from the soda business (Soda Jerk) Cory started in Seattle, WA in 2012.

Using all fresh ingredients such as fruit juices, herbs, and spices, Marquee Brewing creates beverages that are different from anything else on the market.

Marquee is the result of a long-held vision, endless experimentation, and the relentless pursuit of something completely different by Cory and Tara Clark.

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